My relative is in a nursing care facility. Can I visit them during the COVID-19 crisis?

At this time, the Commissioner of Public Health has prohibited any visitation except for:


• First responders, including emergency medical services, law enforcement, firefighting and emergency management personnel;


• Family members, domestic partners or other persons designated by a patient only when the facility’s medical director, a licensed physician or advanced practice registered nurse has determined such patient to be at the end stage of life with death being imminent;


• Any person authorized by law to oversee or investigate the provision of care and services; and


• Service providers who are required to do maintenance or repair necessary without delay for the facility’s continued operation.


Any requirement for personal service is waived as it relates to any person currently located in a facility that has restricted visitor access at this time.


Service may be made by serving an administrator or the administrator's designee.


Any requirement for an in-person meeting, hearing, or screening is also waived: meetings, hearings, or screenings may take place by any other method that allows for the participation of the interested parties.


Please see the commissioner’s order for more details