I lost my health insurance during the COVID-19 crisis. What do I do now?

NOTE: Deadlines are approaching for residents who lost health insurance due to job loss to qualify for coverage through Access Health CT

  • Connecticut residents who may have lost their jobs from a furlough or layoff within the last two months must act quickly if they would like to enroll in health care coverage through Access Health CT, the state’s health insurance marketplace.
  • In general, people who lost health insurance due to a job loss have 60 days to apply for coverage through Access Health CT, as that job loss is considered a “Qualifying Life Event.” This means that the deadline to enroll for anyone who lost their jobs in April is approaching fast.
  • To help residents maintain qualify and affordable health care coverage, Access Health CT recommends comparing options on Accesshealthct.com to COBRA coverage, as the marketplace may offer a better, less expensive choice, and is the only place where people can qualify for financial help to lower their costs.
  • Access Health CT is working closely with the Connecticut Department of Labor and other entities to reach out to businesses that are in the process of reducing their workforce.
For more information, please visit the updated insurance information page here.