Latest Guidance

Phase 1 of Connecticut's Reopen Plan began on May 20, 2020. Here are the rules that apply in this phase.

Phase 2 of Connecticut's Reopen Plan began on June 17, 2020. Here are the rules that apply in this phase.

Phase 3 of Connecticut's Reopen Plan began on October 8, 2020. Here are the rules that apply in this phase.

Halloween Recommendations: While Connecticut does not have any restrictions that are specific to Halloween, the Department of Public Health created some helpful tips to enjoy a happy and healthy Halloween.

Keep Connecticut Safe: Did you visit a business that might be violating a COVID-19 safety requirement? Let us know here.

Masks and Face Coverings: Pursuant to Executive Order No. 7NNN, masks or cloth face coverings that cover a person's nose and mouth are required to be worn when in public and a six-foot distance is unavoidable, whether indoors or outdoors. This does not apply to anyone for whom doing so would be contrary to their health because of a medical condition. Guidance on face coverings has been issued to the state's businesses. To make a face covering at home, watch this video from the CDC

Travel Advisory: A travel advisory is currently in effect for anyone entering Connecticut from states with high community spread of COVID-19. Click here for detailed information on the travel advisory.


The current rules for gatherings is as follows:

  • Indoor private gatherings at commercial establishment/places of business – 50% capacity, capped at 100 people
  • Indoor private gatherings at private residence – 25 people
  • Outdoor private gatherings – 150 people
  • Indoor graduations – 50% capacity, capped at 200
  • Outdoor graduations – 50% capacity of 6-foot spacing, no cap
  • Indoor religious gatherings – 50% capacity, capped at 200
  • Outdoor religious gatherings – 50% capacity and 6-foot spacing, no cap


What's Open in CT
Sector Status Notes
Amusement parks Open Must follow sector rules
Bars Closed  
Beaches (state) Open Must follow safety guidelines
Beaches (town) Partially Open Check with individual town or review this list from DEEP
Bowling alleys Open Must follow sector rules
Construction Open Must follow safe workplace rules
DMV Partially Open

- All deadlines for IDs and other credentials extended 180 days [info]
- In-person services require an appointment
- Select services can be completed online

Gyms and Fitness Studios Open Must follow sector rules
Hair Salons and Barbershops Open Must follow sector rules
Hotels Open Must follow sector rules
Libraries Open Must follow sector rules
Nail salons Open Must follow sector rules
Manufacturing Open Must follow safe workplace rules
Museums and zoos Open Must follow sector rules
Offices Open Must follow sector rules
Retail Open Must follow sector rules
Restaurants Open Must follow sector rules
School (PreK-12, summer) Open Must follow summer school rules
State Campgrounds Open All campers must make reservations in advance
State Parks Open Must follow safety guidelines
Summer camps Open Must follow sector rules
Spas Open Must follow sector rules
Tattoo Parlors Open Must follow sector rules
Theaters Open Must follow sector rules