COVID-19 Social Distancing

The CDC's 2022 Community Levels strategy for COVID-19 suggest that lower risk areas in the United States no longer have to make social distancing mandatory. 

According to the CDC, the community levels approach rates counties in the United States as low, medium or high risk. Each level is associated with recommended COVID-19 prevention steps (i.e., like masking, for example).

Connecticut has eight counties which are each categorized by a specific community level. These levels are subject to fluctuations, depending on variables like hospital capacity, severe illness data and changes in weekly overall positivity counts. Community levels for each zipcode in CT are shown in the CDC's county data tracker

COVID-19 Measures Like Social Distancing Depend on Local Risk Levels

The community levels approach offers a new focus on severe illness and impact on the healthcare system. Previously, the focus of COVID-19 data was on the question of how many people have COVID-19

According to the CDC, this framework looks at changes in virus levels. It also provides a way to adapt safety precautions as levels shift.