About Us


The Connecticut Training and Development Network (CTDN) is an organization of people who manage the staff and organizational development functions in state agencies. The CTDN, formerly known as the State Training Managers’ Network, has been in existence for over 20 years. While the group generally includes staff development specialists, personnel and curriculum managers, and training program staff, the common bond is a concern for the development of state employees, agencies’ most valuable asset. Investing in developing the competencies that state employees need to successfully do their jobs, and linking learning with performance, improves the effectiveness and efficiency of state government and aids in the recruitment and retention of State employees.


  • Advocate that the State’s training and development professionals be represented on each agency’s executive team, since training and organizational development are an integral part of State agencies’ business strategy.
  • Expand the Network membership to include representation from all entities within all branches of government. Develop bylaws to establish a formal operating structure.
  • Create a professional development certificate program for training and performance professionals.  Offer courses conducted by CTDN subject matter experts through the HR Learning Center.
  • Offer courses conducted by CTDN subject-matter experts on subjects of general interest to state employees through the DAS Learning Center.
  • Offer the Network’s assistance to DAS to develop core-training curriculum that would be available to all agencies’ training/human resource professionals for use in their agencies.
  • Create an inter-agency task force to focus on effectively utilizing technology and managing knowledge by creating an internet learning portal sponsored by the Department of Administrative Services, a community of learning which would be a repository of knowledge to be shared among that state's staff development and performance professionals.


  • To advise the State’s Executive Administration on issues, trends, and best practices concerning skill, workforce, and organizational development for State employees so that they deliver the highest level services to meet the needs of the citizens of Connecticut.
  • To educate and train the State’s staff development and learning and performance professionals, keeping up-to-date on workforce and organizational development issues, trends, and best practices in order to meet the needs of the State’s Executive Administration and State employees.
  • To partner with member agencies and other groups in sharing resources, delivering services, and promoting the value of staff and organization development initiatives.