• For any person seeking access to the Council's records, please email siting.council@ct.gov at least 24 hours in advance for an appointment.

• Please be advised that all hard copy filing requirements will reapply to all matters as of June 1, 2021.

Connecticut Siting Council

Freedom of Information Act Compliance Policies

The Connecticut Siting Council (Council) is committed to making its public records available to the public as quickly and conveniently as possible. Thousands of Council documents are available electronically on our website: https://www.ct.gov/csc. These documents may be searched, viewed or printed.  Certain documents, including large maps, public comments, or documents unable to be submitted in electronic form, are not posted on the website, but are available for viewing at the Council’s office.


Members of the public may view documents at the Council office during regular business hours, Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. No appointment is necessary. If you would like to view a specific set or large volume of documents at the Council office, please call the office at 860-827-2935 so staff can retrieve the documents ahead of time.


Copies of Council records may be requested in person, by letter or by email. Letters or emails should be addressed to Melanie Bachman, Executive Director, Connecticut Siting Council, Ten Franklin Square, New Britain, CT 06051 or to Siting.Council@ct.gov, but the Council reserves the right to require that requests be submitted in letter form. Charges for ordinary paper copies are $0.25 per page. Charges for certified copies is $1.00 for the first page and $0.50 for subsequent pages. If feasible, the Council will e-mail documents or provide them in other electronic media upon request. Other charges may include: costs equal to the hourly salary attributed to all agency employees engaged in providing a requested computer record, including the time performing the formatting or programming functions necessary to provide a copy for a request; an amount equal to the cost to the agency of engaging an outside professional electronic copying service; the actual cost of the storage devices or media provided in response to a request; and computer time charges incurred by the agency in providing the requested computer-stored public record where another agency or contractor provides the agency with computer storage and retrieval services. The agency may require the prepayment of any fee if such fee is estimated to be $10 or more.

Confidential Documents

Some documents in the Council’s possession contain trade secrets or commercial or financial information given in confidence, not required by statute. Such documents are confidential, subject to a Protective Order of the Council and accessible only to those persons named in the protective order who sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. These confidential documents are exempt from public disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act, Conn. Gen. Stat. §1-210(b).