• For any person seeking access to the Council's records, please email siting.council@ct.gov at least 24 hours in advance for an appointment.

• Please be advised that all hard copy filing requirements will reapply to all matters as of June 1, 2021.


The Connecticut Siting Council (Council) announces that the 2008 Forecast of Loads and Resources has been completed and is now available for dissemination and distribution. This report may be viewed electronically via this page.

In keeping with Governor Rell’s Energy Vision and the Governor's commitment to reduce spending while improving efficiency, the Council wishes to limit printing and mailing expenses to the extent possible (Please see Executive Order 30).  Thus, the Council has only a limited number of Forecast reports available in hardcopy format.

Please view the online version of this report. You may also contact our office to ask for printed versions of the report while supplies last.



In keeping with the spirit of Governor Rell's Energy Vision, the printed copies of this year's 2008 Forecast of Loads and Resources were made with vegetabel oil-based ink on Green Seal-certified paper that was manufactured with non-polluting, wind-generated energy.  The envirornmental benefits derived from the use of these materials are described below.

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