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Petition No. 756
PSEG Connecticut LLC
Bridgeport Harbor Unit 3
Bridgeport, Connecticut
March 17, 2006

On February 7, 2006, PSEG Power Connecticut LLC (PSEG) submitted a petition to the Connecticut Siting Council (Council) for a declaratory ruling that no Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need is required for the installation of a mercury reduction system at the PSEG Bridgeport Harbor Generating Station for the Bridgeport Harbor Unit 3 generator. On March 14, 2006, Gerald Heffernan of the Council and Robert Mercier of the Council Staff met with Robert Silverstri of PSEG for a field review of this petition.

Public Act 03-72 requires coal-fired electric generating units in Connecticut to reduce their mercury emissions by July 1, 2008. Bridgeport Harbor Unit 3 is a dual-fired, low-sulfur coal and residual oil electric generating unit subject to this Act when burning coal. PSEG proposes to install a baghouse mercury emissions reduction system to meet the requirements of PA 03-72. The baghouse installation is Phase II of a two-phase project. Phase I, approved by the Council under Petition 742 on November 3, 2005, involved the demolition of a number of abandoned structures to provide space for the baghouse facility.

The proposed baghouse facility consists of seven structures as follows:

Baghouse 9,000 square feet 95 feet in height
Activated Carbon Silo 325 square feet 95 feet in height
Fly Ash Silo 1,160 square feet 100 feet in height
Electrical Enclosure (2) 1,300 square feet 20 feet in height
Duct/Fan assembly 4,600 square feet 95 feet in height
Electrical Transformers 1,200 square feet 20 feet in height

PSEG proposes efficiency modifications to the existing Unit 3 steam turbine to offset the approximately six megawatts of station power that will utilized by the baghouse system. The modifications include a new rotor, advanced steam path design, new inner cylinders, and new stationary blades. The efficiency modifications should yield approximately eight megawatts of power.

Construction of the baghouse system should be completed within 18 months. A Soil and Erosion Control Plan will implemented by PSEG to prevent runoff, silt, dust, soil or other pollutants into the existing storm drain system or into adjacent Bridgeport Harbor. A Dewatering Management Plan will be implemented to control the discharge of water resulting for construction operations and site runoff.

PSEG will seek applicable environmental permits from the Department of Environmental Protection and obtain a building permit from the City of Bridgeport. The City of Bridgeport does not object to the petition.