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Petition No. 753
New Haven, Connecticut
Staff Report
January 13, 2006

T-Mobile is seeking approval to add a ten-foot extension onto an existing 88-foot tall monopole located at 69 Wheeler Street in New Haven.

Council member Gerry Heffernan and staff member David Martin conducted the field review for this petition. Christine Farrell and Bill Abbott represented T-Mobile.

The existing monopole is located on the side of an industrial building and has three carriers at centerline heights of 88, 78, and 68 feet. T-Mobile wants to install antennas on the pole to cover an existing gap along I-95 and the Q bridge. T-Mobile would need to add ten feet onto the existing pole to enable its antennas to achieve its coverage objectives. T-Mobile would install six antennas on a low-profile platform. With T-Mobile’s antennas installed at the top of the ten-foot extension, the antennas would extend to an overall height of 101 feet AGL.

The pole’s base plate would need to be reinforced to support the proposed extension. Engineering plans for the required reinforcement were submitted as part of the petition. T-Mobile’s equipment and battery cabinets would fit inside an existing fenced compound.

Staff calculates that the power density of all four carriers on this monopole would equal 0.3802 mW/cm2 or 55.12% of the FCC standard for Maximum Permissible Exposure.

The site is located in a heavily industrialized area of New Haven, two blocks north of I-95 and just east of the Quinnnipiac River. The addition of a ten-foot extension with antennas attached should have little discernable impact on the surrounding neighborhood.