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Petition No. 700
Connecticut Light & Power
Danbury, Connecticut
Staff Report
January 24, 2005

CL&P is seeking to make modifications to the existing Triangle 11A Substation located on Triangle Street in Danbury. The planned modifications include the replacement of old 115 kV oil-filled breakers with new gas-filled breakers and the installation of one new breaker, the addition of new disconnect switches, the replacement of existing copper bus work with aluminum bus work, and the installation of additional instrument transformers. The modifications are intended to support planned changes to an incoming 115 kV transmission line that CL&P will seek to upgrade in a future petition. This upgrade will be undertaken to accommodate load growth in the Danbury area.

Council member Phil Ashton and siting analyst David Martin met with CL&P representatives Bob Carberry, Bob Piscitelli, and Helen Wong at the Triangle Substation on December 21, 2004 to review the proposed changes. All the modifications will take place within the existing fence line of the substation and will not substantially alter the substation’s appearance.

The substation is located in an area characterized by industrial and commercial development. A rail line bounds the substation on the east. The City of Danbury has expressed an interest in having CL&P make improvements in the visual impact of the substation, but site constraints such as closely abutting commercial buildings, a widened road, and the rail line make it virtually impossible to do much in the way of landscaping.

Council staff believes that the nature and scope of the proposed modifications to this substation should have no significant adverse environmental impacts.