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Petition No. 691
Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems
a.k.a Cingular
Southington, Connecticut
Staff Report
August 26, 2004

On August 25, 2004, Connecticut Siting Council (Council) member Edward S. Wilensky and Fred Cunliffe of Council staff met with Steve Schadler for Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems (Cingular) at Cathy Road, Southington to review this petition. Cingular proposes to install cellular antennas and associated equipment on an existing transmission lattice structure (#4119). Cingular is petitioning the Council for a declaratory ruling that no Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need (Certificate) is required for this facility.

The existing tower is 81 feet in height and supports high voltage overhead transmission lines (circuit number 1670) owned by Connecticut Light and Power Company. This structure is located in a residential area.

Cingular proposes to install a mast extension and attach up to six panel antennas approximately 50 inches in height with a center of radiation approximately 91 feet above ground level and a total height of 93 feet agl. Cingular would place its equipment within the four base supports of the tower and install a chain link fence only around the equipment. A proposed 40-foot access road from Cathy Road is proposed and utilities would be installed underground from a nearby distribution line. Staff believes not constructing the access road and architecturally-treating the chain-link fence and /or installing vegetative plantings would mitigate the site to adjacent residences.

The existing structure requires structural reinforcement from the base of the structure to the 37-foot elevation and at locations where the mast extension is attached to the structure. The tower foundations require no reinforcement as determined by CL&P. Cingular contends the structural reinforcement would be done before antennas are mounted to the structure.

The proposed facility would be visible from the adjacent residents. The antennas would be 12 feet above the structure. The proposed cumulative radio frequency electromagnetic radiation is approximately 8.1 percent of the ANSI/IEEE standard.

Staff recommends approval with conditions that no access road be constructed and the fence be architecturally-treated and /or vegetative plantings be installed in order to mitigate the telecommunications site within a residential area, and that reinforcement of the structure be done prior to installation of antennas.