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The Connecticut Light and Power Company
Portland 21H Substation
August 12, 2004

On June 21, 2004, The Connecticut Light and Power Company (CL&P) submitted a petition to the Connecticut Siting Council (Council) that proposed modifications to the existing 21H Substation in Portland would not have a substantial adverse environmental effect and would therefore not require a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need. On July 22, 2004, Edward S. Wilensky of the Council and Robert K. Erling of the Council staff met Charles Ponte of CL&P for a field review of this petition.

CL&P is proposing to do the following work within this substation: install three 115-kV circuit switchers; replace one 115- to 13.2-kV, 17.9-MVA power transformer with one 115- to 23-kV, 46.7-MVA power transformer; install two 23- to 13.2-kV, 20.8-MVA autotransformers; install two 23-kV circuit breakers; and install one 115-kV circuit breaker. This work would facilitate conversion of the existing 13.2-kV bus to 23-kV, and is needed to help meet projected loads in the area and improve transmission and distribution reliability. All of the additional equipment would be placed within the confines of the existing substation fence line.

The area surrounding the substation is well screened by existing trees; only one home was noticed in the vicinity of the substation. Sound levels at all property boundaries would continue to comply with State noise regulations.

The project would be constructed in two phases, with Phase One beginning in November 2004 with completion expected in May 2005, and Phase Two beginning in March 2006 with completion in May 2006.