PETITION NO. 1587 – Endurant Energy petition for a declaratory ruling, pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes §4-176 and §16-50k, for the proposed construction, maintenance and operation of a 4.9-megawatt AC battery energy storage facility located at 350 Knotter Drive, Cheshire, Connecticut, and associated electrical interconnection

PETITION (recd. 08/11/23)
Petition Filing, 08/11/23
Appendix A - Technical Data Sheets and Renderings
Appendix B - Local Outreach Log
Appendix C - Facility Maps
Appendix D - Public Notice
Appendix E - Safety Data Sheets for Hazardous Materials
Appendix F - Natural Diversity Database Report and NDDB Map, USFWS Report
Appendix G - Sound Assessment
Appendix H -  National Register of Historic Places Map 
Appendix I - FAA Notice Criteria Tool Reports
Appendix J - Emergency Response Plan

Council Letter to Town of Cheshire, 08/15/23
Council State Agency Comment Memorandum, 08/15/23
Council Interrogatories to Petitioner, Set One, 09/26/23
Council Set Date for Decision, 09/28/23
Request for Extension to Respond to Council Interrogatories, Set One, and Council Extension Approval, 10/17/23
Council Interrogatories to Petitioner, Set Two, 11/14/23 

Schedule, 08/14/23
Schedule, 09/26/23
Schedule, 09/28/23
Schedule, 11/14/23

Service List, 08/11/2023

PETITIONER - Endurant Energy
Petitioner Submission of State Historic Preservation Office's Comments, 09/05/23
Petitioner Responses to Council Interrogatories, Set One, 10/20/23
Petitioner Submission of Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Comments, 10/24/23
Petitioner Responses to Council Interrogatories, Set Two, 11/29/23

Council Decision and Staff Report, 12/21/23