PETITION NO. 1555 – Earthlight Technologies petition for a declaratory ruling, pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes §4-176 and §16-50k, for the proposed construction, maintenance and operation of a 1.9-megawatt AC solar photovoltaic electric generating facility located at Collins Aerospace, 1 Hamilton Road, Windsor Locks, Connecticut and associated electrical interconnection.


PETITION (recd. 12/22/22)
Petition Narrative, 12/20/22

Figure 1 – Site Location Map
Figure 2 – Proposed Project Area Aerial 
Figure 3 – Zoning Map 
Figure 4 – Property Cards 
Figure 5 – Site Survey 
Figure 6 – Proposed Project Layout 
Figure 7 – Wetlands Delineation Map 
Figure 8 – Aquifer Protection Area Map 
Figure 9 – Public Water Supply Watershed Map 
Figure 10 – Groundwater Quality Classifications, Windsor Locks, CT (CTDEEP) 
Figure 11 – NRCS Soils Information 
Figure 12 – Investigation Area Overview Map 
Figure 13 – Letter of Support from First Selectman Harrington

Appendix A – Permit Plan/Drawing Set 
Appendix B – Equipment Specifications 
Appendix C – Operation & Maintenance Documentation 
Appendix D –Decommissioning and Restoration Plan 
Appendix E – Stormwater Report 
Appendix F – Cultural Resource Assessment Documentation 
Appendix G – Wetlands Delineation Report and Vernal Pool Study 
Appendix H – Wildlife and Habitat Review Documentation 
Appendix I – Public Outreach Documentation  Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5
Appendix J – Visual Impact Assessment 
Appendix K – FAA Consultation 
Appendix L – Soil Management Plan


Council Letter to Windsor Locks, 12/27/22
Council Letter to Windsor, 12/27/22
Council State Agency Comment Memorandum, 12/27/22
Council Letter to Town of East Granby, 01/04/23
Council Set Date for Decision, 02/02/23
Council Interrogatories to Petitioner, Set One, 02/08/23
Council Response to Petitioner's Request for an Extension of Time to Respond to Council Interrogatories, 03/01/23




Council on Environmental Quality Comments, 01/25/23


Schedule, 12/27/22
Schedule, 02/02/23
Schedule, 02/08/23
Schedule, 03/01/23


Service List, 12/27/22

PETITIONER - Earthlight Technologies
Petitioner's Request for an Extension of Time to Respond to Council Interrogatories, 03/01/23
Petitioner's Response to Council Interrogatories, Set One, 03/15/23
Exhibit A - Collins AOC Map - Project Overlay (supersedes Figure 12)
Exhibit B - Figure 2 - Proposed Project Layout
Exhibit C - Collins Aerospace Location Photos
Exhibit D - SWCA's Draft Sand Barren Conservation and Management Plan
Exhibit E - TCLP Testing Results
Revised Site Plans, March 2023
Revised Operations and Maintenance Plan


Council Decision and Staff Report, 03/31/23