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PETITION NO. 1458 – Homestead Fuel Cell 1, LLC petition for a declaratory ruling, pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes §4-176 and §16-50k, for the proposed construction, maintenance and operation of a grid-side 8.4-megawatt fuel cell facility located at 441 Homestead Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut, and associated electrical interconnection to Eversource Energy’s existing Northwest Hartford Substation.

PETITION FILING, (recd. 07/14/21)
Petition Filing, 07/13/21

Council Letter to the City of Hartford, 07/16/21
Council State Agencies Memorandum, 07/16/21
Council Acknowledgement of Allco Request for Status, 08/10/21
Council Decision on Allco Request for Status, 08/27/21
Council Interrogatories to Petitioner, Set One, 08/27/21
Council Set Date for Decision, 09/10/21

Connecticut Airport Authority Comments, 07/21/21




Schedule, 07/16/21
Schedule, 08/27/21
Schedule, 09/09/21


Service List, 07/20/21
Service List, 08/27/21
Service List Change Request, 09/24/21

PETITIONER - Homestead Fuel Cell 1, LLC
Petitioner Letter Regarding CAA Comments, 07/26/21
Petitioner Opposition to Allco Renewable Energy Limited Request for Status,08/19/21
Petitioner Responses to Council Interrogatories, Set One, 09/10/21
Petitioner Corrected Exhibit CCS-10 Interrogatory Response, 09/14/21

Petitioner Responses to Allco Interrogatories, 10/01/21

CEPA INTERVENOR - Allco Renewable Energy Limited (Allco)
Allco Request for Status, 08/09/21
Allco Interrogatories to Petitioner, 09/17/21

Council Decision and Staff Report, 12/20/21

D&M Plan, 07/01/22
Council D&M Plan Interrogatories, 07/27/22
D&M Plan Schedule, 07/27/22
Council Request for an Extension to Render a D&M Plan Decision, 08/08/22
Homestead Fuel Cell Response to Council Request for an Extension to Render a D&M Plan Decision and Request for an Extension to Respond to Council D&M Interrogatories, 08/09/22
Council Decision on Request for an Extension to Respond to Council D&M Plan Interrogatories, 08/10/22
Request for an Additional Extension to Respond to Council D&M Plan Interrogatories and Council Extension Decision, 11/03/22
D&M Plan Schedule, 11/03/22
Withdrawal of D&M Plan, 02/28/23
Council Acknowledgement of D&M Plan Withdrawal, 02/28/23