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The Connecticut CJIS-CT Governing Board


Office of Policy and Management

Marc Pelka, Undersecretary of Criminal Justice Policy and Planning; Co-Chair, (Designee) 

Office of the Chief Court Administrator

Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto, Chief Court Administrator; Member

Judge Patrick L. Carroll, III, Former Chief Court Administrator, Co-Chair; (Designee) 



Department of Administrative Services / Bureau of Enterprise Systems and Technology

Mark Raymond, Chief Information Officer; (Designee)  

Board of Pardons and Paroles

Jennifer Zaccagnini, Chairperson; Member 

Joseph Garibaldi, Executive Director; (Designee)

Office of the Chief State's Attorney

Patrick J. Griffin, Esq., Chief State’s Attorney; Member 

John J. Russotto., Esq., Deputy Chief State's Attorney (Designee)



Connecticut Police Chiefs Association 

Chief Paul Melanson, President; Member

Chief Donald Melanson, Director; (Designee)

Department of Correction

Angel Quiros, Interim Commissioner; Member 

Sharonda Carlos, Deputy Commissioner; (Designee)

Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection

Ronnell Higgins, Commissioner; Member

Department of Motor Vehicles

Tony Guerrera, Commissioner; Member

Christopher Smith, Division Chief; (Designee)

Deb Notarino, Division Manager; (Designee)

Division of Public Defender Services

TaShun Bowden-Lewis Esq., Chief Public Defender; Member

John Day, Esq., Deputy Chief Public Defender; (Designee)

Office of Victim Advocate

Natasha Pierre, Esq., State Victim Advocate; Member

Hakima Bey-Coon, Esq., Staff Attorney; (Designee)




Chairpersons and Ranking Members of the Joint Standing Committee of the General Assembly on Judiciary


CJIS-CT Committee Chairs

Gary A. Winfield, Senator, Co-Chair, Member

Steven J. Stafstrom, Representative, Co-Chair, Member

John A. Kissel, Senator, Co-Chair, Member

Craig Fishbein, Representative, Ranking Member