Live Online CISS Training now available. The Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) has resumed training for the Connecticut Information Sharing System (CISS) using live instructor led webinars. For more information, please click following link to: Register

CJIS Training Academy


Welcome to the CJIS Academy, a new training and educational program for CJIS projects. The CJIS Academy will include several different types of educational programs, both for internal CJIS employees and stakeholders in the CJIS Community.

CJIS Community Outreach

To improve communications with the CJIS Community about CISS as well as other CJIS projects, CJIS began reaching out to the Community to assess its needs. It was soon determined that additional education was necessary to better inform stakeholders and end users, and alleviate misconceptions and fears about the CISS project.

CJIS began by providing informational programs for interested stakeholders, which include onsite visits to educate users on different aspects of the CISS project and how it specifically impacts their work. CJIS will also conduct Community workshops on technical and business practices related to CISS as the project progresses.