2016 Seminar Series

Seminar Series - Risk Benefit Overview: Does NIOSH Get it Right?

October 21, 2016.  Course Number: 17036        Cost: $55.00, lunch included.

Instructor:  Deputy Chief Joseph Fleming, Boston Fire Department

The course will discuss what is it “risk” and what does it mean for firefighting decision-making.  The course will move on to detail the NIOSH Investigative Process and how it takes “risk into account”.  Specific examples from NIOSH investigations will be used. Chief Fleming will break down some of the incidents that he has been involved in and discuss specific lessons that the audience members can take with them to improve their decision making and fireground safety.

  • Beacon Street Fire
  • Boston Marathon
  • High Rise Fires
  • MayDay Situations
  • Technical Rescue Incidents

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