FPC training and testing services have resumed. COVID-19 precautions remain in place. Contact our Training or Certification Divisions for any questions. Please refrain from attending a scheduled program should you have any COVID related symptoms or generally not feeling well.

Connecticut Fire Academy
Facility User Fee Policy

Rental Fees Federal/State/Local Government Agencies Private Sector
Single Classroom 50.00 125.00
Double Classroom 75.00 250.00
Conference room 75.00 300.00
Auditorium 100.00 275.00
Training Pool 100.00 150.00
Available Specialized A/V Equipment 150.00 150.00

Note: Towels are available for a laundering charge of .50 each.

All rooms are equipped with the following equipment:
Overhead Projector, 35MM Slide Projector, White Board and Easel Chart.
Specialized A/V equipment is available on a first come/serve basis.
Applicable charges are noted above.

Cost for use of agency copy machines will be calculated at a rate of $.25 per copy.

Use of Agency Fax machine - $10.00 per day.

Additional easel pads are available at a cost of $15.00 each.

The Commission reserves the right to assess a fee for staff support when necessary. This fee will be based upon the employee's base salary plus applicable fringe factor.

Facility user fees will be reviewed on a case by case basis for private sector entities using CFA facilities for programs which result in a profit.

Municipal fire and emergency service departments/organizations are exempt from fees with the exception of those situations which require the scheduling of staff support during non-business hours.

This policy became effective January 1, 2000.