December 3, 2014


Contact:   Karl Wagener, Executive Director


Link to the Draft Recommendations for Legislation

Public is Invited to Comment on Recommendations for Environmental Legislation


         HARTFORD -- The Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) is inviting everyone with an interest in environmental affairs to comment on potential environmental legislation.

         The CEQ has published its draft list of legislative recommendations on its website,  The CEQ publishes Environmental Quality in Connecticut, the state’s annual report on the status of our air, water, land and life, and is required by law (CGS Section 22a-12) to recommend legislation “for remedying the deficiencies of existing programs and activities.” From its review of statewide environmental indicators and investigation of citizen complaints, the Council has identified the most critical needs and deficiencies and is preparing recommendations for legislation.

         Council Chair Susan Merrow said, “Any individual or organization can help us by reviewing these recommendations and offering comments. We also encourage people to offer additional suggestions. The Council expects to obtain very useful input from interested and knowledgeable people before the recommendations are formally submitted to Governor Dannel P. Malloy and the General Assembly.”

        Merrow added, “In the past, the Council held public forums at the Legislative Office Building to gather the public’s ideas. This year we are experimenting with gathering that input online.”

       Merrow elaborated, “In addition to some of the recurring essentials, such as maintaining the Clean Water Fund and basic land conservation programs, there are some new recommendations this year that pertain to reducing the number of violations of environmental laws.”

       The draft recommendations and more information can be found at the Council’s web site at