The Council on Environmental Quality will meet on Wednesday, April 25, 2012 at 9:00 AM in the Holcombe Conference Room, 5th floor, 79 Elm Street, Hartford.  (Directions)


1.  Call to order; establishment of a quorum

2.  Approval of March 28, 2012 minutes

3.  Chairman's Report

4.  Executive Director's Report

     including updates on legislation

5.  Review of State Agency Actions 
    a.  Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s proposed renewal of Title V air quality operating permit for the South Meadow Station, Hartford


Richard Pirolli, Assistant Director, Engineering and Enforcement Division, Bureau of Air Management, Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP)

Kiernan Wholean, Supervising Air Pollution Control Engineer, Engineering and Enforcement Division, Bureau of Air Management, DEEP

Rintra McIntyre, Air Pollution Control Engineer, Engineering and Enforcement Division, Bureau of Air Management, DEEP

    b.  Others

6.  Natural Heritage, Open Space and Watershed Land Acquisition Review Board:  Should duties be expanded to include review of the protection status of preserved lands? – brief remarks by citizens

7.  Citizen Complaints

    a.  University of Connecticut Hazardous Waste Storage Facility – staff update

    b.  Enforcement case in Westbrook – staff report

    c.  Others

8.  Discussion of Annual Report Topics

     including staff memo on petroleum’s large burden on state environmental enforcement functions

9.  Other Business

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