Ground Covers, Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Ornamentals

Ground Covers
Eastern Hemlock Forests: Guidelines to Minimize the Impacts of Hemlock Woolly Adelgid by Jeffrey S. Ward, Carole A.S.-J. Cheah, Michael E. Montgomery, Brad P. Onken, Richard S. Cowles
Elm Information for Connecticut 

Chestnuts and Chestnut Trees
PP007 Chestnut Breeding in the United States
PP008 Chestnuts and the Introduction of Chestnut Blight
PP044 Protecting Chestnut Trees from Blight
PP085 Connecticut Chestnut Research: Breeding and Biological Control
Chestnut Importations into the US

Asian Chestnut Gall Wasp on Connecticut Chestnut Trees
Care of Chestnuts for Planting
Chestnut Restoration for Connecticut
Cultivars of Chestnut A-Z
Growing Chestnut Trees
Identification of Chestnut Trees
Planting and Caring for Chestnut Trees


Woody Ornamentals
NEW--March 2019--Boxwood Susceptibility to Blight 
Botryosphaeria Cankers of Woody Ornamentals
NEW--March 2019--CT BMPs for Boxwood Blight - Landscape
NEW--March 2019--CT BMPs for Boxwood Blight - Nurseries
De-icing Salts: Damage to Woody Ornamentals
Drought, Its After-Effects, and Management on Woody Ornamentals
Excess Water Problems on Woody Ornamentals 
NEW--March 2019--Fungicides for Boxwood Blight Management in CT 
NEW--March 2019--Pachysandra Susceptibility to Blight
Recognition and Management of Diseases of Woody Ornamentals in the Landscape 
Winter Injury on Woody Ornamentals