A Welcome from the Director 2013

Dr. Theodore G. Andreadis (biography)

Director, 2013-current

Welcome to The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station's web page.

Scientists, technicians, and other staff at The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, a state-supported research institution, have been serving the needs of state residents and the nation since 1875.  Important discoveries include the development of hybrid corn, pioneering work that led to the discovery of vitamin A, and contributions on ticks and mosquitoes and the disease organisms they transmit.  In addition to improving crop systems and reducing damage caused by insects, deer, and plant pathogens, our programs include major initiatives on reducing pesticide use, controlling invasive plants in lakes and ponds, water quality, forestry, growing crops for biodiesel fuel, and on food safety issues.

The internet enables us to disseminate information to a broad audience and represents a very effective mechanism for outreach.

Our main goals are to provide good service to Connecticut residents and to develop and use state-of-the-art scientific procedures to solve problems and improve the quality of life.

Dr. Theodore G. Andreadis, Director

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