Environmental Science and Forestry

The Department of Environmental Science and Forestry conducts fundamental and applied research in diverse areas related to soil and water quality, tick-borne diseases, aquatic invasive plants, microbial ecology, forest management, and crop research. The department was formed in June 2022 when the Department of Environmental Sciences and the Department of Forestry and Horticulture merged.

Environmental Science and Forestry department scientists associated with the Center for Vector Biology and Zoonotic Diseases are studying tick ecology and integrated tick management practices, with the goal of reducing the risk of tick-borne infections in humans and domesticated animals. The department’s Environmental Chemistry group detects and studies behaviors of chemical contaminants in the environment, including binding to soil particles, biological availability in soil, mechanisms of natural breakdown and novel physical and chemical methods for their removal or destruction in soil and water. Department scientists in the Invasive Aquatic Plant program are examining the ecology of invasive aquatic plants and their impacts to water chemistry and habitat, as well as evaluating methods for their control. The department also has research programs in environmental microbiology involving carbon cycling in soils, molecular mechanisms of host specificity enabling the parasitic behavior of microsporidia, forest health including tree-fungus interactions, and novel production systems in urban agriculture.

A free service for Connecticut taxpayers the department runs is the Soil Testing Laboratory which analyzes samples from farms, homes, and commercial grounds for nutrient levels, and then recommends steps to improve soil fertility.  

The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

Department of Environmental Science and Forestry
Slate Laboratory
123 Huntington Street
New Haven, CT 06511
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Williams, Scott C.: Chief Scientist, Department Head

E-mail: Scott.Williams@ct.gov

Voice: (203) 974-8609 


Barsky, Joseph P.: Agricultural Research Technician II
E-mail: Joseph.Barsky@ct.gov
Voice: (203) 974-8540


Bugbee, Gregory J.: Associate Agricultural Scientist
E-mail: Gregory.Bugbee@ct.gov
Voice: (203) 974-8512


Chen, Zhihao: Agricultural Post-Doctoral Research Scientist
E-mail: Zhihao.Chen@ct.gov
Voice: (203) 974-8569


Doherty, Riley S.: Agricultural Research Technician I

E-mail: Riley.Doherty@ct.gov
Voice: (203) 974-8469


Foley, Jeremiah R. IV: Assistant Agricultural Scientist II

E-mail: Jeremiah.Foley@ct.gov

Voice: (203) 974-8569

Keriö, Susanna: Assistant Agricultural Scientist II

E-mail: Susanna.Kerio@ct.gov
Voice: (203) 974-8491


LaReau, Jacquelyn: Agricultural Research Technician I

E-mail: Jacquelyn.LaReau@ct.gov
Voice: (203) 974-8615


Meng, Lingjun: Agricultural Post-Doctoral Research Scientist
E-mail: Lingjun.Meng@ct.gov
Voice: (203) 974-8548


Nason, Sara L.: Assistant Agricultural Scientist II

E-mail: Sara.Nason@ct.gov
Voice: (203) 974-8463


Qaseem, Mirza Faisal: Agricultural Post-Doctoral Research Scientist

E-mail: Faisal.Qaseem@ct.gov

Voice: (203) 974-8515


Shabtai, ItamarAssistant Agricultural Scientist II

E-mail: Itamar.Shabtai@ct.gov

Voice: (203) 974-8532


Stebbins, Summer: Agricultural Research Technician I
E-mail: Summer.Stebbins@ct.gov
Voice: (203) 974-8545


Steven, Blaire T.: Associate Agricultural Scientist
E-mail: Blaire.Steven@ct.gov
Voice: (203) 974-8461


Wang, Zhengyang (Philip): Agricultural Post-Doctoral Research Scientist
E-mail: Zhengyang.Wang@ct.gov
Voice: (203) 974-8548


Ward, Elisabeth B.: Assistant Agricultural Scientist II

E-mail: Elisabeth.Ward@ct.gov

Voice: (203) 974-8486


Whittinghill, Leigh J.: Assistant Agricultural Scientist II

E-mail: Leigh.Whittinghill@ct.gov

Voice: (203) 974-8489


Yu, Yingxue (Charlie): Assistant Agricultural Scientist II

E-mail: Yingxue.Yu@ct.gov

Voice: (203) 974-8522



Gent, Martin P. N.

E-mail: Martin.Gent@ct.gov


Maynard, Abigail A.
E-mail: Abigail.Maynard@ct.gov


Pignatello, Joseph J.
E-mail: Joseph.Pignatello@ct.gov
Voice: (203) 974-8518


Sawhney, Brij L. 


Vossbrinck, Charles R. 
E-mail: Charles.Vossbrinck@ct.gov


Ward, Jeffrey S.
E-mail: Jeffrey.Ward@ct.gov
Voice: (203) 974-8495