Stay Cool in Hot Weather

Swimming Pool   
Summer is fun!
• Summer is a good time to: 
   o Go swimming 
   o Ride a bike 
   o Walk 
   o Have a picnic
• But summer can also be very hot.

Stay Cool!
If you get too hot, you can get sick.
Here are some tips on how to stay cool!

How do you stay cool?
• Keep your body cool. 
• Keep your house cool.

Keep your body cool.
• Drink plenty of water. 
   o Drink a small glass of water every hour.
• Wear cool clothing. 
   o Wear clothes that are loose. 
   o Wear light colors. 
   o Wear clothes made out of cotton.
• Exercise early in the morning.
• It is cooler in the morning.

Keep your body cool.
• Take a cool shower.
• Wet a cloth or scarf and…
o Put it on your neck.
• When it gets really hot:
o Go someplace where it is cool…
o Like a mall or a movie theater.

Keep your house cool.
• Open the windows in the morning and at night.
• Let the cool air in.
• Keep the windows closed during the day.
• Keep the hot air out.
• Keep your curtains closed during the day.
• Keep the cool air inside.

Keep your house cool.
• Turn things off when you’re not using them, like:
• Lights, computers
• Use your microwave instead of the oven.
• When the air conditioner is on:
• Keep doors and windows closed
• Use a fan to circulate the cool air through the house

If the air conditioning goes off…
  Glass with icecubes

• If it is really hot, your house can lose power.
• Your air conditioning may not work.
• You can stay cool by:
• Using a battery powered fan
• Putting a bowl of ice in front of the fan

Why stay cool?
• If you get too hot, you can get sick.
• You could:
• Feel dizzy and weak
• Have a headache or throw up
• Sweat a lot

If you get too hot, you should:
• Get out of the sun – get into the shade
• Sponge with wet cloth and cool water
• Drink something cool

If you get too hot…
• Call 911 if:
• You have a high temperature
• You feel dizzy and confused
• Your skin is hot and dry but you aren’t sweating
• Tell them you have a medical emergency.
• Tell them how you are feeling.