Saving Money When Shopping for Food

What’s this Checklist about?

Shopping CartDo you live on your own? Or do you buy food for a family? Or do you buy food for people who live together? Food can cost a lot. For most people, saving money is important. There are ways to save money on food. Here are some things you can do:

• How much can you spend on food? Use a food budget and stick to it.
• Always shop with a list.
• Plan your meals ahead of time. That way you only buy what you will use. You can make one dish and eat it for more than one meal.
• Choose fruits and vegetables when they are in season. That is when they cost less.
• Watch for foods that are on sale.
• Use coupons or a store shopper card to get a discount.
• Look at the shelf close to the floor. Food on the lower shelf costs less.
• Store brands cost less. Here are some: 
   o Great Value at Walmart 
   o Kirkland at Costco
• Larger sizes cost a little more, but offer a better value. And you won't need to buy them as often