The Check-Up

What happens at a check-up?
  • A doctor checks you all over.
  • A doctor looks for things that might make you sick.
Why should I get a check-up?
  • A check-up helps you find out if your health is OK.
  • If the doctor finds something wrong: Y
  • You and your doctor can make a plan to get you well.
  • You can start working on the plan right away.
At your check-up, the doctor will:
  • Do some tests to check your health
  • Talk to you about your health
  • Ask about your family’s health
  • Answer your health questions
Blood Pressure
What kind of tests will happen at the doctor’s office?
  • A nurse will measure your height and weight.
  • A nurse will take your blood pressure by:
  • Wrapping a band around your arm and pumping it to check your blood pressure
A nurse may take a little of your blood for testing.
  • A needle is used to take the blood.
  • Tell the nurse or your support person if this bothers you.
Other Kinds of Tests
  • The doctor might look at:
  • Your skin
  • Other parts of your body
  • They could be checking for cancer.
What happens after the check-up?
  • If your health is OK, you will come back at least once a year.
  • If the doctor wants to know more about your health:
  • You might need to take more tests.
  • The doctor will write up a plan.
  • The plan will help you get healthy.
Things to remember about check-ups:
  • Get a check-up at least once a year.
  • Tell the doctor everything about your health.
  • Ask questions about your health.
  • Take someone with you if you do not want to go alone.
This checklist will help you remember questions for the doctor.