Talking to the Pharmacist About Medicine

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What is medicine?
  • When you get sick, you might need to take medicine.
  • Medicine can be: 
  • Pills 
  • Something you drink 
  • Medicine may help you feel better.
How do you get medicine?
  • Most medicine is ordered by a doctor. 
  • Orders for medicine go to a drug store. This is also called a pharmacy. 
  • A pharmacist gets your medicine ready.
How do you get medicine?
  • You can get some medicine on your own. 
  • These are called “over-the-counter” or OTC medicines. 
  • You can get these at a drug store or pharmacy.
What is a pharmacist?
  • A pharmacist is a person who gives out medicine. 
  • A pharmacist must go to a special school to learn about giving out medicine.
  • At school, a pharmacist learns about:
    • What makes people sick
    • How drugs work
Where is a pharmacist?Pharmacist
  • Look for the pharmacist in the pharmacy. 
  • Some pharmacies are in drug stores. 
  • Some pharmacies are in grocery stores or big chain stores.
If you have questions about medicine…
  • The pharmacist can help answer your questions about: 
  • Your illness
  • Your medicine
How can a pharmacist help you?
  • A pharmacist can tell you about: 
    • The medicine you take 
    • Why you take it
    • How to take it 
    • When to take it
Side Effects
  • Medicine can make your body change 
  • These are called side effects. 
  • The pharmacist can tell you about changes you might feel when you take a new medicine.
What else can a pharmacist do?
  • A pharmacist is not a doctor. 
  • But a pharmacist can help you:
  • Figure out what to do if you get sick
  • Decide when you should go to see a doctor 
  • Choose the right OTC medicine 
  • Give you ideas on how to stay healthy 
  • Pharmacists are there to help. So ask questions!