Ask-the Doctor Checklist

Before you go to the doctor:
  • Write down the medicines and vitamins you take. 
  • Write down your questions for the doctor.
When you visit the doctor:

Tell the doctor why you are there:
  • Tell the doctor if you want a check-up.
  • Tell the doctor if you are sick. 
  • If you are sick, tell the doctor what is wrong.
Give the doctor your list of medicines.
During your doctor's visit:
  • Look at your list of questions and ask those questions.
  • If the doctor wants you to take new medicine, ask:
    o How can this medicine help me?
    o When should I take it?
    o Should I take it with food or water?
    o How will the medicine make me feel?
    o Can I take this with other medicine?
If the doctor wants you to take a test, ask:
  • How will the test help me? 
  • How should I get ready for the test?
At the end of your doctor's visit, ask:
  • Do I need to come back? I
  • f you have to come back, find out when. 
  • Ask what you can do to get ready.
After the visit, write down:
  • What the doctor said about your health.
  • Any changes you are supposed to make. 
  • When you should go back to the doctor.
The medicine and vitamins I take:
Name and Medicine or
Why I take
Who said to take
 How much I take and when