A Visit with the Doctor

You may go to the doctor when:
• You are sick. Doctor
• You need a check-up.
• You want to talk about your disability.

It is okay to take someone with you.
• Take a friend, family member, or support person.

Your support person can help you:
• Make a list of medicines you take
• Remind you about questions to ask
• Write down what the doctor says

You may need to answer many questions.
• The nurse will ask you questions.
• Then the doctor will ask you questions.
• These questions help your doctor learn more about you.

You can ask the doctor questions.
• Use the list of questions you made.
• If you do not understand something, tell the doctor.

You can ask other people questions:
• The nurse
• The person who gives you medicine that the doctor orders (the pharmacist)

Questions You Might Ask About Medicine
• How can this medicine help me?
• When should I take it?

Questions You Might Ask About Medicine
• Should I take it with food or water?
• What are the side effects?
• Can I take this with other medications?

You might have more questions after you leave.
• You can call your doctor’s office to:
• Talk to your doctor
• Leave a message for your doctor
• If the doctor does not call you back, call again.
• You can also ask someone to call the doctor for you.

• You can take someone with you.
• Take a list of:
• Your medicine
• Your questions
• Ask questions until you understand.

• You can use this checklist to help you remember your questions.