How to Stop Smoking

Smoking is bad for your smoking
  • Smoking can hurt your lungs and heart.
  • Smoking can cause cancer.
  • Women who smoke may have sick babies.
  • You can get healthy by quitting smoking!
What happens when you quit smoking?
  • You breathe better and cough less.
  • You lower the chances of cancer and heart problems.
  • You feel better and have more energy.
  • What happens when you quit smoking?
  • Food tastes better.
  • You and your clothes smell better.
  • You have whiter teeth.
  • You will live longer and stay healthy.
Make a plan to quit smoking.
  • Pick a day to quit smoking.
  • Mark it on your calendar.
  • Tell people about your plan.
  • Tell people the day you plan to quit.
Ask for help.
  • Ask your family and friends to help you.
  • Ask your doctor or support person about classes for people who want to quit.
  • Your doctor may give you medicine to help.
Stick to your plan!
  • Get rid of cigarettes and ashtrays around you.
  • Ask others not to smoke near you.
  • Think of other things when you want a cigarette.
  • Chew gum, eat raw vegetables, or eat popcorn.
You may gain weight when you quit smoking.
  • If you are hungry, eat fruits and vegetables.
  • Stay away from food with sugar and fat.
  • Exercise every day.
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