How to Check Yourself for Skin Cancer

Why Should I Check?

Some people get skin cancer. It is good to catch cancer early. Call the doctor if you have any questions. Call right away, when you first notice anything you wonder about.

What Do I Look For?

Wait until after a shower to check. Stand in front of a mirror.
You are looking for:
• New things on your skin. Like a mole or a bump.
• A mole that has gotten bigger.
• A mole that has changed color.
• A mole or a spot that keeps bleeding.
• Moles that are not round.
• Look all over your body.
• Look at the front and back of each arm.
• Look under each arm.
• Look at the front and back of your legs.
• Look at your face and neck.
• Look at your back and your bottom.

What If I Find Something?
You may find something. It might be cancer. It might not be. There is only one way to find out. Talk to your doctor right away.