How to Check Yourself for Breast Cancer

Why Check?

Women (and sometimes even men) can get breast cancer. It is good to catch cancer early. Checking your breasts can help.

Do I Have to Check?
Some women want only their doctor to check. Other women like to check on their own. It is up to you.

What Do I Do to Check?

Here is one way. First, lay back on your bed. Put a pillow or towel under your right shoulder:

1. Place your right hand behind your head.
2. Check each part of your right breast with your left hand.
3. Move your three middle fingers in a circle. Move your fingers all around your breast. Check for lumps, bumps, or thick spots.
4. Now, check your left breast. Use your right hand. Do it the same way with your fingers.

What Should I Do If I Find a Lump?

A lump or bump can mean many things. If you find one, talk to your doctor. Don’t wait! Go see your doctor right away.