The Safe Way to Exercise

Exercise helps you:
  • Stay healthy
  • Improve your body movement
  • Increase your flexibility and strength
  • Control your weight
  • Feel better about yourself
  • Sleep better

Talk to your doctor before starting new exercises.

Your doctor will check your:Doctor writing

  • General health
  • Medications
  • The way you move
  • Talk to your doctor about:
    • Which exercises are best for you
    • How to stay safe when exercising

Warm up before you exercise.

Warming up helps:

  • Loosen your muscles
  • Prevent injuries
  • Run in place for a few minutes
  • Breathe slowly and deeply
  • Practice the motions of the exercises you plan to do.
Stretch after you warm up.

Examples of stretches are:

  • Moving your arms towards your toes
  • Reaching towards the sky
  • Stop if the stretches hurt
  • Take your time.
Drink plenty of water.Water Bottle
  • When we exercise, we loose a lot of water
  • Drink water often when you exercise
  • Drink water even before you get thirsty
  • Water keeps you from overheating

Take frequent rest breaks when you exercise.

Taking a break will keep you from getting sick or injured.

Stop and tell someone if:

  • You feel sick to your stomach
  • You feel dizzy
  • You feel a pain in your chest
  • You feel like you cannot breath very well

Cool down and stretch after you exercise.

  • Slow down your exercise movements until you cool down
  • Repeat the stretches you did before you started exercising
  • Cooling down and stretching will help your muscles feel good

Be careful when you exercise.

  • Exercise is good for you and will help you stay healthy
  • Anyone can get hurt while exercising
  • The next slides show what to do if you get hurt while exercising.

If you strain or pull a muscle:

  • Your muscle will feel sore or will hurt
  • Put an ice bag on the muscle
  • Keep it on for 15 minutes every hour
  • Put a towel between the ice and your skin
  • You should rest
  • Call a doctor if it keeps hurting

If you get a cut or scrape:

  • Clean it with soap and warm water
  • Put on a bandage
  • Call a doctor if it keeps hurting
  • Rest before exercising more

If you fall and hurt yourself:

  • Tell someone how you feel
  • Did you break a bone?
  • Did you bump or hurt your head?
  • Do you need first aid?
  • Do you need emergency care?
  • If you need emergency care, call 9-1-1

Review the “Exercise Safety Checklist.”check mark

The checklist will remind you about:

  • What to do before you exercise
  • What to do if you are hurt or tired while you exercise
  • What to do after you exercise

You can learn more safe ways to exercise.

You can learn more about what to do if you get hurt.