Losing Weight

The best way to lose weight is to eat healthy food!
   • Healthy foods: 
   • Make you feel better 
   • Help you lose weight 
   • This presentation tells you about eating good food:
You can also eat less food.
   • Use a smaller plate. 
   • Eat one helping. 
   • Don’t eat seconds. 
   • Drink a glass of water: 
      o Before you eat 
      o With your meal

Tips to Help You Eat Less
   • Turn off the TV when you eat. 
   • Eat slowly. 
   • Stop eating when you are full. 
   • Chew your food slowly. 
   • Eat with someone and talk to each other during the meal.

Feet on a ScaleTry to eat and drink healthy.
   • Drink water. 
   • Stay away from coffee and soda.
   • Snack on: 
      o Vegetables or fruit 
      o Skip cookies or chips 
      o Try something new: 
      o Toast instead of donuts

Guide to Healthy Living
The Guide to Healthy Living was written by the Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center and the Board Resource Center, California