Feeling Good About Your Weight

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What is weight?
   • It is the number you see when you step on the scale. 
   • It tells you how heavy you are, usually in “pounds.”

Why does it matter?

   • Many people weigh too much. 
   • Your weight affects how you feel.

If you weigh too much, you can get sick.
   • People who weigh too much may have problems with their: 
   • Blood sugar (diabetes) 
   • Heart (a heart attack or stroke) 
   • Sleep (sleep apnea) 
   • Liver (fatty liver disease) 
   • Gall bladder (stones) 
   • Bones (osteoarthritis)

Try to stay at a healthy weight.
   • A healthy weight is when your body feels good. 
   • A healthy weight is different for different people.

What is your healthy weight?
   • Your healthy weight depends on your height and age. 
   • The easiest way to know your healthy weight is to ask your doctor.

What can you do if you want to lose weight?
   • Talk to your doctor about a plan that will work best for you. 
   • A good plan might include: 
   • Eating healthy foods 
   • Eating less food sneakers and weights
   • Exercising more

Make a Plan.
   • My Checklist for a Healthy Life
Guide to Healthy Living
The Guide to Healthy Living was written by the Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center and the Board Resource Center, California