When Food Goes Bad

How do you know when food goes bad?
  • You can use your nose.fruits
    • Does the food smell stinky?
  • You can use your eyes:
    • Does it have things growing on it?
    • Is the can dented, rusty or leaking?
    • If it is in a package:
    • Is it past the Do Not Use date?
Never eat food that you think may be bad.
  • Do not test the food by tasting it.
  • Can you see or smell that it is bad?
    • Throw it away! 
  • Do you think the food is bad?
    • Throw it away!
If you eat food that is bad, you may:
  • Go to the bathroom a lot
  • Throw up
  • Have bad stomach pain
  • Get a fever
Call your doctor if:
  • You have a fever above 101.5 degrees
  • You see blood in the toilet
  • You have a dry mouth and throat
  • You feel dizzy when you stand up