Fast Food and Your Health

What is fast food?fast food

  • Fast food is food made fast like:
    • Pizza, burritos, burgers, and fries
    • Too much fast food can be bad for you.

People eat fast food because:

  • It is ready in a hurry.
  • It tastes good.
  • It fills you up.
  • It does not cost much money.

Fast food can be bad for you.

  • It has lots of sugar, salt, and fat.
  • Too much sugar, salt, and fat can:
    • Make you gain weight
    • Hurt your kidneys
    • Be bad for your heart
    • Make you sick

Things you can do

  • How much fast food do you eat?
  • You can;
    • Not eat fast food at all
    • Eat less fast food
    • If you eat fast food, make good choices.
  • It’s your choice!

You can skip fast food.bag of food

  • Eat at home.
  • Home cooked food is healthier.
  • Home cooked food costs less.
  • Make a home cooked lunch to eat at work or school.

You can eat less fast food.

  • Try eating fast food just once a month.
  • Get the small size burger, drink, pizza, or fries.
  • Drink water, diet soda, or unsweetened iced tea.

More Tips for Eating Less

  • Stop eating when you are full.
  • Stay away from “All You Can Eat” places.