ACIR Special Projects


From time to time, the ACIR is assigned to study and report on a topic of intergovernmental interest or chooses to do so.  The following are some of these special projects:


Beginning in 2020, students of the public policy programs at the University of Connecticut and and University of Georgia have been undertaking studies of various topics, mentored by ACIR members.  Reports will be posted here and look for information regarding quarterly webinars.

5/5/2021 Webinar:  Facilitating Innovation Through Developing and Implementing Best Practices: A Review and Suggested Process   Webinar Invitation and Recording

Previous Reports:

The Diversification of Local Revenue Sources in Connecticut: User Charges and Fees (2021)  Ilkka Kauppinen, U. of Georgia   Webinar coming, Summer 2021


Other projects

This report seeks to provide guidance to policy makers regarding the following:

  1. A listing of Executive Orders that ACIR has identified as priorities to continue during the pandemic emergency. Where appropriate, this sections makes suggestions for modifications;
  2. A listing of Executive Orders ACIR suggests be codified by the General Assembly in 2021; and,
  3. A complete listing of all Executive Orders issued coupled with ACIR’s comments.

It is ACIR’s expectation that these recommendations will be helpful and that ACIR can be used as a continued resource in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.