This is the archived website of former Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman. These pages are being preserved by the State of Connecticut for historical purposes.

Cost Determination and Cost Containment Work Group

The Cost Determination and Cost Containment Work Group will examine the impact on Connecticut's healthcare system of consumers' pharmaceutical costs, options to minimize costs, and effective policy and analysis to improve consumer engagement and transparency in healthcare.

Members of the Work Group are:

Frances Padilla - Chair

Josh Wojcik                         Bill Handelman                    Katie Wade                    Ted Doolittle

Marghie Giuliano                Raul Pino                             Bob Tessier                    Rob Blundo

Bob Clark - CT Office of the Attorney General



Meeting Agenda:   11/29/2017 Agenda
Meeting Material:  11/29/2017 Summary

Meeting Agenda:   11/9/2017 Agenda
Meeting Material:  11/9/2017 Summary

Meeting Agenda:   11/2/2017 Agenda 
Meeting Material:  11/2/2017 Summary

Meeting Agenda:   10/27/2017 Agenda
Meeting Material:  10/27/2017 Summary


Meeting Agenda:  10/12/2017 Agenda 
Meeting Material:  Work Group Charter
Meeting Summary:   10/12/2017 Summary


Meeting Agenda:    9/29/2017 Agenda
Meeting Material:
Meeting Summary:   9/29/2017 Summary

Meeting Agenda:     9/11/2017 Agenda 
Meeting Material:     Prescription Drug Data: What's Included in CT's APCD     Charter 8/8/2017
Meeting Summary:    9/11/2017 Summary


Meeting Agenda:    8/29/2017 Agenda
Meeting Material:    Rx Pricing Along the Supply Chain
                                  Curbing Unfair Drug Prices
                                  Draft Charter
Meeting Summary:   8/29/2017Draft

 Meeting Agenda:   8/4/2017 Agenda
Meeting Material:   Potential RX Strategies
Meeting Summary:  8/4/2017 Draft