Teen Driving Supporting Activities

Introduction to RAPT3 (Risk Awareness Perception Training)

The statistics are harrowing: 6,500 young adults between the ages of 16 and 20 die annually in the United States,­ approximately 18 per day ­as a result of motor vehicle accidents.

Younger, inexperienced drivers seldom anticipate dangerous situations on the road, according to recent research projects headed by University of Massachusetts Amherst researcher Donald Fisher.  Fisher has created an interactive program that makes hazardous driving scenarios available on the Web, to teach teenagers how to anticipate unsafe situations

"New drivers understand the basics of operating a car," said Fisher, "problems arise when these new drivers are faced with potentially hazardous situations, such as a hidden stop sign, or a bicyclist riding toward a vehicle. Our research shows that, unlike more experienced drivers, people who are new behind the wheel don’t necessarily identify these situations as being potentially dangerous, and therefore they often don’t respond in the safest way possible."

RAPT3 is an interactive training tool using practice sessions on hazard awareness that can make you a better driver.

RAPT3 is available on CD or through a link on the CTDMV website.  The program is an experiential training that contains the following components:

  • Overall explanation of the program.

  • Pre-Test that shows you how to use the program.  You mouse click on pictures of real driving situations containing hazardous situations (unseen pedestrians, hidden oncoming traffic, side streets, etc.) representing hazard searching.

  • Training. Graphic depictions of the driving scenarios.  First you see a graphic of what you are about to do and then you get a chance to see the actual scenario and click on the areas where you see potential hazards.  At the end of the scenario, you will learn whether or not you passed that scenario.  If you did, you will go on.  If not, you can try again.  If you do fail at the beginning, do not get discouraged.  You will soon pick it up and find it easier.

  • The last module of the program is the Post Test, where you are evaluated on what you have learned.

We think you’ll notice improvements almost immediately in your driving abilities after you participate in this training program.  Good luck and tell us what you think.

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