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Secretary Thomas Provides Update and Process Reminders on Absentee Ballot Applications in Bridgeport’s New Mayoral Primary

(Hartford, CT) – Today, which marks the first day that absentee ballot (“AB”) applications became available for the January 23, 2024, mayoral primary in Bridgeport, Secretary of the State Stephanie Thomas released that 3,620 absentee ballot applications were signed out of the Bridgeport Town Clerk office as of 10:30 a.m., according to the election monitors embedded in that office. By 3:30 p.m., 4,690 AB applications had been requested.

“With a shortened campaign window for this election, it is more important than ever that those involved in the absentee ballot process understand the requirements,” said Secretary Thomas. “The election monitors are working with the Bridgeport Town Clerk’s office on educating everyone who signs out applications on their responsibilities.”

Due to the large number of requests, the Office of the Secretary of the State contacted the campaigns of both Democratic primary candidates to provide reminders on the process, and Secretary Thomas issued these AB application process instructions to ALL Bridgeport residents:

  • Individuals who request five (5) or more applications for an absentee ballot must:
    • Register with the Town Clerk;
    • Complete and return to the Town Clerk an Absentee Ballot Application Distribution List prior to the day of the election. The AB Application Distribution List shall contain the name, address and the application serial number of each voter who received an application for an AB.
  • A person who distributes AB applications and receives an executed application must file it forthwith with the Town Clerk.
  • If the individual on file with the Town Clerk's Office asks someone else for help with distributing applications, the name of the additional person must be registered with the Town Clerk's Office prior to any applications being distributed to voters.
  • Anyone who mails an unsolicited AB application to voters must also include:
    • A written explanation of the eligibility requirements for voting by absentee ballot, and
    • A written warning that voting or attempting to vote by absentee ballot without meeting one or more of such eligibility requirements subjects the elector or applicant to potential civil and criminal penalties.
  • Anyone who signs out AB applications is responsible for the safekeeping of said applications.
  • AB applications are to never be left unattended or shared with the intent to be distributed with anyone who is not registered with the Town Clerk’s Office. Failure to comply can subject you to civil and criminal penalties.

Earlier this week, to help educate the public, the Office of the Secretary of the State released videos conducted by Secretary Thomas, former Registrar Peggy Reeves, and President of the Connecticut Town Clerks Association (CTCA) Patty Spruance, explaining all absentee ballot laws in English and Spanish. The videos are posted below, available online (click here for English and click here for Spanish) and will be posted to the Office’s website and social media.

Absentee Ballot Voting Explained (click image to view video):

Absentee Ballot Video - English

Voto en Ausencia, Explicado en Español

Absentee Ballot Video - Spanish

The Office also issued an update to the community on current efforts elections officials are undertaking in Bridgeport to secure the election. More details are available at: Secretary Thomas Updates Community on Efforts Being Taken to Secure Bridgeport s New Mayoral Primary (

For information about the process for Bridgeport’s new Democratic Mayoral Primary please see the full election calendar here:

As a reminder to the public, individuals may report any suspected election malfeasance directly to the Connecticut State Elections Enforcement Commission (SEEC) by calling 860-256-2940 or completing and delivering a complaint form linked here.


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