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Secretary Merrill Statement on the Passage of Critical Voting Reforms

“I have fought for my whole career to ensure that every Connecticut citizen can easily register, and every registered voter can conveniently vote – the passage of these reforms significantly advances that effort. We all should be proud that our state is moving to make voting more convenient for every Connecticut citizen so they can make their voices heard.

“Secure absentee ballot drop boxes were an incredible success in 2020, allowing voters to deliver their absentee ballots themselves without having to rely on the US Postal Service. Now every Connecticut voter will be able to use these secure absentee ballot drop boxes in every election. The expansion of Automatic Voter Registration from the DMV to other state agencies will both make registering to vote more convenient for Connecticut citizens and help the registrars of voters of both parties in each town to keep accurate voter lists. Allowing people on parole to vote, as people on probation already are able to do, is an expansion of voting rights in Connecticut that will ease confusion and help reintegrate formerly incarcerated people into the civic life of their communities.

“The story of Connecticut is one of the expansion, slowly but surely, of the right to vote. Easing the delivery of absentee ballots, making registering to vote more convenient and voter rolls more accurate, and allowing every citizen in their community to cast a ballot are all important chapters in that story.”

- Connecticut Secretary of the State Denise Merrill


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