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Secretary Merrill Statement on Senate Passage of SB-5 AAC Increased Opportunities for Absentee Voting, Safe and Secure In-Person Voting, Voter Registration, and Certain Other Changes Regarding Election Administration

As other states across the country have moved to curtail voting rights, tonight the Connecticut Senate took a significant step to increase voter access for the citizens of Connecticut.

Codifying and expanding Automatic Voter Registration will make it easier for Connecticut citizens to register to vote and help local election officials to keep accurate voter rolls; secure absentee ballot drop boxes give voters the ability to conveniently deliver their ballots without having to rely on the US Postal Service; and allowing people on parole to vote, just as people on probation can already do, expands the franchise and helps fight recidivism by reintegrating people into the civic life of their communities.

Senate GAE Chair Mae Flexer, Senate President Marty Looney, and Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff deserve a tremendous amount of credit for putting together this bill and passing it tonight.”

  • Connecticut Secretary of the State Denise Merrill


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