September 2nd, 2021 Minutes - Outreach Committee

Read time: 6 minutes

Special Meeting

September 2, 9:30 A.M.

Location: TEAMS




  1. Introductions
    1. Level Set on the Task at Hand
    2. Questions
    3. Set monthly committee meeting schedule
  2. Discuss the task that was sent by Andréa Comer
  3. Suggestions on approach to the description given for this committee
  4. Adjourn




A special meeting of the Social Equity Council’s Outreach & Marketing Committee was held via TEAMS on Thursday September 2, 2021.


I.          Introductions 


Marilyn Alverio, co-chair of the committee, noting the presence of a quorum, called the meeting to order at 10:01 a.m.  Committee members present: 

Subira Gordon, co-chair

Marilyn Alverio, co-chair

Corrie Betts


Members introduced themselves briefly.


Staff attending:  Paige Rasid, Administration, Social Equity Council (SEC),


I.          Level Set on the Task at Hand

Subira Gordon introduced the general charge of the committee:


From the materials: “The outreach committee shall establish a vision for the Council's outreach efforts to be executed by SEC staff. In the short term, the committee will  develop the Cannabis website and advertise the application processes and procedures.”


II. Questions

Marilyn Alverio spoke of the number of documents to review, and of the questions the group wants to ask: for example, is there a budget connected to this groups work?  What are other states doing that have done this before us?  She suggested looking at lessons learned, what worked in communities (especially in states that have large pockets of communities of color. A discussion ensued.


Discussion regarding website development and the SEC staff roles ensued. Paige Rasid will send the website link for and to the group. She stated that state SEC staff will be ready to do website updates on the existing platform, but that once the outreach strategy is determined, a budget could be developed and recommended to the full Social Equity Council. Corrie Betts emphasized the need to have boots on the ground to reach those most effected.



III. Set Monthly Committee Meeting Schedule

Subira Gordon noted the tight timeline and that the group will need to lean in (heavily) and figure out how to do the work independently and collaboratively to keep the ball rolling.  Her suggestion was to look at the timeline chart and figure out how to be ready for the October meeting to give a recommendation. Corrie Betts suggested coming back together prior to the October meeting. 


II.        Discuss the task that was sent by Andréa Comer


Marilyn Alverio spoke of the charge to provide recommendations for social equity applicant residency and income documents. The committee agreed that they don’t have enough information to make recommendations.


III.       Suggestions on approach to the description given for this committee

Subira Gordon asked about meeting format, and asked for clarity about how committees can do a working group session. The group will ask for a legal opinion about the requirements and restrictions around gathering this group for a private working session.   Marilyn Alverio will ask the question about working group time and the legal side of that, then the group will decide what time is going to work.


II.        Adjournment


Upon a motion made by Corrie Betts, with no objections, the meeting was adjourned at 10:10 AM.


NOTE: Minutes are draft until accepted at a future meeting of the committee.

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