October 28th, 2021 Minutes - Outreach Committee

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Social Equity Council | Outreach Committee Meeting

October 28, 2021
Special Meeting of the Outreach Committee
10 A.M. – 11 A.M.
This is a public meeting.
Location: Microsoft TEAMS (link to join, below)


1. Call to order
2. Review of Goals & Objectives of the Outreach & Marketing Committee
3. Update on SEC Income & Residency Requirements
4. Update on the Outreach Strategy
5. Recommendations to the Full Council
6. Adjournment

Co-Chairs: Subira Gordon, Marilyn Alverio
Members: Subira Gordon, Marilyn Alverio, Corrie Betts, Ramon Arroyo


Meeting minutes can be downloaded from the Public Meeting Calendar event listing: https://egov.ct.gov/PMC/Event/Details/12638 

specifically - download the pdf at:  https://egov.ct.gov/PMC/Minutes/Download/12638 

Meeting Minutes