October 27th, 2021 Minutes - Workforce Committee

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Social Equity Council | Workforce Committee

Meeting Date and Time: October 27th, 2021, 2:00 - 3:00 P.M.

Meeting Type: Special Meeting of the SEC Workforce Committee
Meeting Location: Virtual TEAMS



  1. Call to order
  2. Review of Goals & Objectives of Workforce Committee
  3. Workforce Plans
  4. Workforce Training
  5. Career Pathways
  6. Recommendations to the Full Council
  7. Adjournment

Chair: Kelli Vallieres
Members: Marilyn Alverio, Ramón Arroyo, Andréa Comer, Avery Gaddis, Kelli Vallieres


Call to Order

Kellie-Marie Vallieres (KMV) asked if ready; Paige Rasid (PR) opened meeting.

KMV introduced herself; mentioned agenda. Described workforce role, requirements of application process. Discussed initial goals, criteria. Also spoke of training programs, curriculum around cannabis industry.

Shared preliminary work, what other states have; sharing PowerPoint presentation. KMV went through presentation; discussion regarding same ensued.

Andréa Comer  (AC) discussed study that will be done by outside vendor. Discussion ensued. Avery Gaddis (AG) brought up question of 51%


KMV asked for any other questions / comments; making change to the war on drugs.

KMV asked for a motion to approve taking the draft document to council for review.

AG made the motion.AC seconded the motion.

The motion was unanimously approved. 

KMV - Thank you and all in favor. Any opposed?

Ginne-Rae Clay (GRC) – You will need to have members verbally vote. Please unmute and vote please. PR can you call by name

PR - Kelly Vallieres; - Moved

PR - Marilyn, Alverio - Not here

PR - Ramón Arroyo - Yes

PR - Andréa Comer - Yes, Absolutely.


PR - Avery Gaddis - Yes


PR - That's the committee.


GRC – Question regarding Corey; PR responds

KMV sharing new PowerPoint. Discussion re different types of jobs w/in cannabis industry ensued – manufacturing, distribution, managers, etc.

KMV asks for feedback / ideas regarding training, education, etc.

AC discussions costs around training, potential business owners, distribution, security


KMV responds will investigate costs / funding; Innovation Fund, 4 community reinvestment


GRC responds re training; asking community to become more involved in recruitment; a discussion ensues


KMV responds will keep working on background of different training programs, getting more info, etc.


KMV then discusses recommendation to the full council; a discussion ensues; KMV thanks everyone for their input


KMV asks for motion to adjourn.


AC – Made the motion

KMV – Seconded the motion

KMV – Thanks all we are adjourned. 


Minutes are a draft until approved at a future meeting.

Meeting Minutes