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November 12th, 2021 Minutes - Outreach Committee

Read time: 6 minutes

Social Equity Council | Outreach Committee Meeting

November 12, 2021
Special Meeting of the Outreach Committee
10 A.M. – 11 A.M.
This was a public meeting.
Location: Microsoft TEAMS (link to join, below)


1. Call to order
2. Review of Goals & Objectives of the Outreach & Marketing Committee
3. Update on SEC Income & Residency Requirements
4. Update on the Outreach Strategy
5. Recommendations to the Full Council
6. Adjournment




Committee Co-Chairs: Marilyn Alverio, Subira Gordon


Members Present: A. Alverio, S. Gordon, C. Betts

Members Absent: R. Arroyo


Meeting Called to Order  @10:15AM by Co-Chair Alverio


Co-Chair Alverio asked for a motion to add New Business  bullet to the standing committee agenda 

  • 2nd: C. Betts 
  • No Discussion  o In Favor: Alverio, Betts 

o No opposed o No Abstentions 

Note: new items are not allowed to the agenda of a Special Meeting    

Co-Chair Alverio reminded the committee that K. Vallieres has remove herself from the Outreach Committee due to other obligations.  The Outreach Committee is currently made up of Four (4) Members

Review of Goals & Objectives of the Outreach & Marketing Committee Discussion on SEA Income & Residency Requirements


Co-Chair Alverio motioned to forward the draft Income & Residency Requirements to the full council 

  • 2nd  Gordon
  • No Discussion o In Favor: Alverio, Betts, Gordon 

o No opposed o No Abstentions 

Outreach Strategy

Co-Chair Alverio suggest the Outreach Committee coordinate a town hall conversation in Hartford tentatively on Dec. 13, 2021.  Focusing on the Hispanic community.  Co-Chair Alverio will follow-up with the ED Clay, regarding logistics. 


Meeting Adjournment

 Co-Chair Alverio made a motion to adjourn  

  • 2nd   Gordon
  • No Discussion o In Favor: Alverio, Gordon 

o No opposed o No Abstentions 

Council Member Betts lost connection prior to the vote to adjourn.

Meeting Adjourned:  10:55AM

Next Meeting:  Decem

Meeting Minutes