March 27th, 2023 Minutes - Reinvestment Committee

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Social Equity Council | Reinvestment Committee

Meeting Date and Time: March 27th, 2023, 2-3:00 P.M.

Meeting Type: Special Meeting of the SEC Reinvestment Committee
Meeting Location: Virtual Meeting

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1.   Call to Order and Welcome


      Committee Chairwoman Ojala Naeem called the meeting to order.


2.   Attendance


Committee Chairwoman Ojala Naeem took attendance.



      Andréa Comer

Avery Gaddis

Subira Gordon

Michael Jefferson

Ojala Naeem

Paul O. Robertson



Corrie Betts


Staff present: Ginne-Rae Clay, Executive Director, SEC; Kyle Abercrombie, DECD


2.  Process of Engaging with Legislature on FY24 budget for Reinvestment


      A discussion ensued about upcoming meetings with Office of Policy and Management and key legislators and the plan for engaging with the legislature on the Fiscal Year 2024 budget.


      Councilman Jefferson wanted more understanding on what is going on in terms of the framework and the plan relative to being able to request funds. Chairwoman Naeem outlined the expectations regarding reinvestment to determine plans for the funds for fiscal years '23 and '24 and then taking those and the funding need for '24 to the legislature for approval. 


      The last few meetings have focused on the plan for FY23, and the expectation now is to create a plan for FY24. There was further discussion about the process of finalizing a plan for FY24.


      Chairwoman Naeem requested that Executive Director Clay send an e-mail to OPM asking if the plan being created is sufficient.  She asked that that information and a draft of the plan for FY24 be available by Monday, April 3. 


3.   Reinvestment Committee Recommendations


      There were no recommendations as the plan was not yet available to review.


4.   For the Good of the Order


      Chairman Jefferson believed grants were to be reviewed in September and October. He felt youth programming was very important during the summer months and hoped grants were able to be approved for community-based organizations serving young people prior to the start of the school year. 


      Chairwoman Naeem clarified that October was the latest that grants would be reviewed.  If they come in sooner, they will be approved immediately, though the reality is that it might be the end of summer before funding is available. 


5.   Adjourn


      Chairwoman Gordon requested a motion to adjourn.


Motion – by Michael Jefferson

Second – by Avery Gaddis


The meeting was adjourned at 2:36 P.M.


Minutes are a draft until approved at a subsequent meeting.

Meeting Minutes