June 7th, 2022 Minutes - Council Meeting

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Social Equity Council | Full Council Meeting

Meeting Date and Time: June 7th, 2022, 10:00am - noon

Meeting Type: Regular Meeting of the Social Equity Council
Meeting Location: Virtual only - via Zoom Webinar Platform

Chair: Andréa Comer



This meeting was recorded and can be viewed at the SEC youtube channel:







Final Steps of SEC Review Process

Social Equity Council Workforce Development Plan Criteria Final

Social Equity Council Workforce Development Scoring Rubric



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  1. Call to order and welcome  Andréa Comer, Chair

  2. Attendance   Andréa Comer, Chair

  3. Approval of Meeting Minutes (May) Andréa Comer, Chair 

  4. From the Executive Director  Ginne-Rae Clay, Executive Director

  5. Committee Reports/Requests for Action
    • Finance Committee                  Christine Shaw, Committee Chair
      • Finance Committee Report

    • Outreach Committee            Marilyn Alverio & Subira Gordon,

      Committee Co-Chairs

      •  Marketing Communications Update  

    • Workforce Committee Kelli-Marie Vallieres, Committee Chair
      • Amendment to the Workforce Plan Scoring Approach and Rubric

    • Accelerator Adhoc Committee Ojala Naeem, Committee Chair
      • RFP Update

    • Executive Session – Discussion of draft recommendations.
      • Policy Committee                Edwin Shirley, Committee Chair
        • Final Steps for Social Equity Application Review Process – Draft

      • Governance Committee    Ojala Naeem, Committee Chair
        • DCP/SEC MOU – Draft  

    • Executive Session Vote:
      • Policy Committee
      • Governance Committee

  6. For the Good of the Order – New Business, Updates, and Information

  7. Adjourn



Meeting Minutes